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Tour of duty ends for Camp Roberts’ aging barracks

Brig. Gen. Keith Jones gazed through the worn windows on row after row of battered and broken World War II-era barracks left standing at Camp Roberts and recalled their better days. “You were glad to have a roof over your head and shade from the sun,” he said. For years, motorists on Highway 101 have seen the jarringly empty ghost town on the camp’s west side and wondered what the buildings were and why they’re still around….

A mother and child reunion, 71 years in the making

Brooke Mayo, 89, sat at a small kitchen table in her Paso Robles home on a recent afternoon as she carefully adjusted her eyeglasses and began telling a story of the daughter she gave up for adoption in the summer of 1942….

Life changes lead Templeton resident to music and Symphony of the Vines

Original article here. Published Oct. 23, 2015 Sixteen years ago, when Judith Baron was 57 years old, she saw a magazine ad about horses for sale in Paso Robles, prompting her to move there on a whim after devoting three decades to an architectural and interior design career in San Francisco. Now at age 73,…

Creekside discovery leads to a trove of possibilities

Published: May. 28, 2012 LaVonne Rae and Don Welsh of Templeton are unearthing a mystery. They believe a vintage car, maybe from the 1940s, is buried in a creek near their house. So far, their only guiding clue is the cool reflective gleam of a chrome bumper attached to something buried deep into the ground,…