Tonya Strickland, an award winning journalist on California's Central Coast

Tonya Strickland with her husband Bowen and their two small children.

For more than a decade, I’ve been writing stories that connect people, inform the community and bring awareness to a cause. My ability to interview, research and piece together a  narrative has proven to engage readers throughout my career.

As a former city government reporter for The Tribune newspaper, a mid-sized daily covering California’s Central Coast, I’ve covered local politics, community features, the military, mental health, business and crime.
In 2014, I was honored in the best writing category by the California Newspaper Publishers Association for a feature story about a Paso Robles woman’s reunion with the daughter she gave up for adoption during World War II. Through articles like these, I’ve discovered a passion for stories that delve into the past and reveal its secrets.
This website includes a portfolio of my favorite history articles. In 2016, I stepped back from the newspaper life to stay at home with the kids. About a year later, I launched the mommy blog Two In Tow & On The Go to share pictures, tips and stories about family-friendly destinations. This move to reinvent myself through different types of writing continues to be a passion project that I love doing. For more information about my professional writing and experience, head over to my LinkedIn page.